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Community Health of Richmond and West Stockbridge has been in the community health business for almost eighty years. It was a much simpler business back then. We’ve managed to stay in business for all this time. We’ve experienced wonderful years and lean years. When we were in the visiting nurse business, we were ranked among the best visiting nurse services in our area. Like any successful old business, we’ve had to modify our approach from time to time. We’ve had to change our strategy to maintain our excellent service many times over the decades. We’ve gotten smaller and we’ve gotten larger. Some of the things that we used to do are no longer practical, and we’ve added some services that were never dreamed of eighty years ago. Our mission has never wavered. Our goals have remained the same. Our service has always been the best. It still is. And now, we are more available to Richmond and West Stockbridge residents than ever!

In the last several years, we’ve come to learn that many of our patients had to insist on us in order to get in touch with us after a hospital visit or physician’s procedure... often more than once or twice. We have also finally had to come to terms with the fact that we can no longer remain in the visiting nurse business [for several reasons.] Many of the patients who are discharged from hospitals simply are not made aware of our services... even the ones from Richmond and West Stockbridge. It’s supposed to happen, but all too often does not. Insurance rules and payout schedules have been drastically changed and reduced. The number of visits that we can make has been reduced, as well as the amounts paid for the services. Add to that the higher and higher cost of equipment, supplies, wages, insurance and training, and you see how the formula is working against us; especially since we’re so small and easily effected by costs. What made us so special [our small size and specialized caregiving] in the end served to make it impossible to continue.

Some folks remember the days when Community Health of Richmond and West Stockbridge used to host health fairs and were able to get doctors, nurses, and health aids to give free screenings and have all day affairs where many local folks would gather, meet, and share good advice and community company.  They could get tested for many things like blood pressure, dental exams, and many other tests that would be offered by local professionals who had the time to give for wonderful community events such as this. Because of expenses, liability and insurance realities, and a changing world full of very busy schedules, the days of those wonderful health fairs have become almost impossible to arrange, although this summer we held a health fair in West Stockbridge [see the button at the top of the page for pictures of that event.] We still do flu clinics [as many of you know.] We still show up at elder service functions and we still are available at our schools like we used to be. Some neighbors still stop by the office now and then to get their blood pressure checked. Our new goals and objectives will be returning to those basic services that we began with so many years ago. Check out our Schedule of Events [another button at the top of the page.]

Many of you know about us and have had experience with us and understand our personal and expert service. Some of you don’t even know what we do and have no clue how to get in touch with us.  We’re right in your backyard, and we plan to be even more available than ever.

We are presently producing a new brochure. Look for it around town!

Free services are expected to include:

Free nursing consultation home visits

Venipuncture for lab tests

Glucose testing

Diabetic screening

Vision and hearing testing

Protime testing [$10.00 per visit to cover the cost of the strip]

Administration for injections [such as B12]

Medical Assistance - we can help to fill your weekly medication boxes

Offer interpretation to lab results

Interpret medical records

Assist with informational research on the web

If you have any questions, call Emilie at 413-232-0122.

Emilie Jarrett, RN will have office hours from 9:00AM through 1:00PM Monday through Thursday. We have a dedicated and energetic board of directors that want to reach out to our neighbors and remind them that we’re still here. The rapidly changing and evolving health system that we all turn to when we must may sometimes overlook the small, unassuming services that have been right here in our own community for the best part of a century. Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge has been dependable, resilient, and has remained consistently excellent for about eighty years. Emilie Jarret is maintaining that excellence and is ready to help her neighbors with assistance, suggestions and first quality hands on advice.

Take a look at Emilie during a visit with Jane Whitney. Click on the “Home Visit” button on the top of the page. See the smiles. See the care. See the understanding. Appreciate the healing. Know that you [and your family and friends] can too.


Welcome to our most updated website which contains our most recent efforts to tell our town residents about our services. Our main website [which may be where you just linked from] gives you some information on how to reach us and where we are. This site is full of many pictures and some extra information that will hopefully give you a more personal look at what we do and how we do it.

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